Man forgets Game Boy Light exists, mods backlight into Game Boy Pocket

Outside of the Game Boy Micro, I feel Nintendo has done a pretty great job of designing and selling iterations of the Game Boy that have left its predecessors in the dust.

I was happy to see the fat body and spinach colors of the original Game Boy eventually give way to the Game Boy Color. And as much as I loved the Game Boy Advance, I never looked back when I picked up the Game Boy Advance SP on its launch day.

That wasn’t good enough for Michael “Bibin” Moffitt, who decided to mod his Game Boy Pocket with a backlight … instead of just buying a Game Boy Light on eBay. Or just picking up the aforementioned GBA SP. 

I’m not going to be pretend to understand what possessed him to do this, but you have to hand it to him for his impressive engineering prowess. It looks nice in the dark, and Moffitt says that the Game Boy Pocket fitted with his custom light sees no noticeable change in battery life (two AAA batteries).

Great job, Mike — I certainly couldn’t do it. Though I’ll be right over here playing Tetris on my very rechargeable, extremely bright GBA SP, sir. 

You can see more images here.

Nick Chester