Man creates Big Daddy figurine, gives it a sword and shield

Artist Robert Sakaluk knows how to make our hearts go aflutter. Pictured above is a rambunctious Big Daddy of BioShock fame. If you look closely, you may notice that the Big Daddy has a sword and a shield. The reason for that is simple: Sakaluk is creating a set of pirate-themed figurines by converting models. As for why he chose to create a Big Daddy (and accompanying Little Sister) we’re not exactly sure. Doesn’t change how cool the dreaded beast of Rapture looks, though.

Sakaluk made the figurine from a Nomad Heavy Warjack base. If you take a gander, you may come back with a deeper appreciation of what Sakaluk did here.

Sakaluk finished this model back in October 2007, which we believe by Internet time standards, was several eons before the Big Bang. How the gifted artist managed to create this figurine before Earth existed is beyond us.

[via GameSetWatch]

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