Makers of Darwinia, Defcon eye console market

Introversion Software, makers of Uplink, Darwinia and DEFCON and one of indie game development’s greatest success stories, revealed to Next-Gen their ambitions to get their games on home consoles via digital distribution. This makes a great deal of sense for Introversion, whose games typically take less HDD real estate than your average Photoshop file. Introversion’s director Mark Morris explains:

“I think you’ll be seeing some console titles coming out from Introversion over the next twelve months or so … The downloads fit with Introversion very well. [Downloadable games] need to be smaller, they need to be unique. All of our games have at least got that.”

This is great news, and for good reason. There’s a reason why my heart goes ba-thump at the mere mention of some of these indie titles, and Introversion has always played a large hand in that. Indie games are made by gamers, not marketing executives; as such, there tends to be a sort of distilled nature about them, what makes gaming great boiled down to its very core. This is what rocks about Introversion.

If you haven’t gotten around to sampling any of Introversion’s games, the entirety of their work is available on Steam, and at a very sexy price, too. On the other hand, the thought of getting my grubby mitts on their efforts realized on XBLA gets me all tingly. While we wait for a proper announcement on Introversion’s console plans, at least play the demos if you haven’t already. You’ll be glad you did.

[Via Next-Gen]

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