Make King Arthur a tyrant or toss lightning in ‘King Arthur’

King Arthur may surprise. Defined as an RPG-Strategy game by Neocore Games, it attempts to find a balance between the combination of resource management and real-time battles with quests and magic. Below the fold is the first developer diary for King Arthur narrated by co-producer, Zoltan Varga.

The diary orients you with the RTS and RPG aspects of the PC-exclusive. You play as the legendary King Arthur before Camelot exists. (You build it.) You’re charged with the task, apparently, of conquering the world with help from the Knights of the Round Table, magic and other various skills. As you take new territory, you’ll be responsible for the Civ-like activity of city building and management. You’ll also be offered quest opportunities that have moral kickbacks. Varga explains that your Arthur can become either a saint or a tyrant.

Of course, battle happens in between this stuff. Varga stresses “tactical locations” as a key to victory. High ground offers an advantage and captured towers give special abilities (like lightning slinging) to you.

King Arthur looks hot. We’re especially psyched about making Arthur a tyrant. Imagine playing a King Arthur game where you can refuse to build Camelot, as well as abuse knights and the peoples of Britian. Brilliant!

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