Mainstream Extreme: Wii workout added to gym

Sweaty controllers aplenty! Breaking a Wii-sweat is no longer only for overweight, sedentary gamers as a Canadian health club adds Nintendo’s Wii to its workout circuit.

You’ve definitely seen it – we know you’ve seen the guy who has to wipe his brow with a towel after 2 frames of Wii bowling. It’s a bit sad and even more gross, but you know that the Wii is making people move and is burning off calories. The owners of Studeo 55 must have noticed this as well as they’ve added a Wii Workout Station to their gym. Members are encouraged to use this station as exercise. The system is set up in a 400 square-foot theater room with a large projection screen.

The owner of Studeo 55, Nathan Mellalieu, got the idea after seeing children playing the system and sweating.

“All of our clients get great results, but the biggest result we see is the smile on their faces. People have to understand that fun is important.”

It’s a neat idea, and we’re sure that Nintendo is eating this up, but Wii exercise might be better for the home and not the gym. Now people will be flailing their arms about and jumping up in down in public rather in the privacy of their own home, and their once private low scores and missed swings will become public.

[via Yahoo! ]

Dale North