Mahjong Tales: Ancient Wisdom shuffling onto PSN next January

TikiGames has announced (via PlayStation Blog) that it will be bringing Mahjong Tales: Ancient Wisdom to PlayStation Network next January for $9.99. 

The game will feature three modes, including the Ancient Wisdom mode, which looks to help you get your learn on — completing a layout will reveal a piece of an old Chinese story. There will be five classics to reveal:  “The Fox,” “Tiger Shoes,” “The Magic Paintbrush,” “The Man Who Moved Mountains,” and “Li Chi.” I’m ignorant to each of these tales, so I guess I’d better brush up on my Mahjong skills, no? 

The two other modes included will be “Motion Mode,” a fast-paced version of Mahjong including power-ups, and a level editor for creation and sharing. 

I’ve never played Mahjong in my life, but I know it involves tiles … and shuffling. Lots of it. One of my best friends in high school was Chinese, and his parents would hold weekly Mahjong nights. The scraping and shuffling sound of ivory and nylon tiles will forever be burned in my brain. I hope Mahjong Tales, if anything, nails the sound effects. 


Nick Chester