MadWorld dev diary reveals the evolution of Jack

Of course, by “evolution” I mean the painstaking process of taking the ogreish tough guy seen on the left, and transforming him into the ogreish tough guy seen here on the right. Amazing, isn’t it?

The dev diary also reveals the reasoning behind the game’s black and white look; to prevents players from feeling guilty about taking such pleasure in murdering so many strangers (something most Japanese developers get around by filling their games with ugly zombies). From experience, I can say the black and white “trick” really works. While playing the game at the NY CC ’09, I was immediately struck by how un-disturbing it was to see a man’s head shoved up his own ass. 

That’s not all! There are also some screenshots of an early build of the game, and discussion of the techniques used to make sure the game doesn’t hurt the player’s eyes; something that many of the non-Wii owning, “sour grapes” types out there have claimed is the reason that they don’t really want MadWorld (until it comes out on the 360/PS3, or course).

[Via Gonintendo]

Jonathan Holmes
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