LucasArts backs out of E3 2008

You already know that Activision bailed on the ESA and is now not attending E3. LucasArts also passed on renewing their ESA membership, but said earlier that they would still be attending E3 this year. Now they’ve changed their minds.

LucasArts says that there is “too much noise surrounding” the show, according to company spokesperson Margaret Grohne. What? Maybe they will be going to Activision’s non-E3 event in Los Angeles next month. We know they have plenty to show off, including Fracture, The Force Unleashed, and the Wii-exclusive Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Don’t worry about E3, though. Plenty of companies still plan to attend. EA Canada’s Jeff Brown called Activision out for bailing on the ESA, saying that their exit showed a “lack of leadership.” But they assure us that they’re still “100 percent comitted” to E3.

“EA is 100 per cent committed. There’s Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, THQ, Disney, a bunch of others – and I assume all the others are still locked into it,” he said.

“For that matter, Activision Vivendi is going to be doing an event of some description in Los Angeles at the same time, so there’s still critical mass. Everyone’s going to be in Los Angeles this summer and it’s hard to imagine it isn’t going to be a successful event.”

E3 or not, be sure to check out IGN’s new interview with LucasArts on The Clone Wars.

Dale North