LostWinds could come to the PS3 or Xbox 360

As we learned this morning, studios are chattering about the possibility of porting their Wii titles to the PS3 post-motion sensing wand. While we take Capcom’s Jun Takeuchi at his word, his omission of specifics — a developer or a game — left us with a few questions. None of them we can answer yet, but we do now know of a specific case in which a developer is considering bringing its Wii title to the PS3 or even the Xbox 360 after their respective motion control devices hit. Frontier and LostWinds.

In a conversation with VideoGamer.com, Frontier’s David Braben confirmed that his studio was examining the possibility of porting LostWinds to the XBLA or PSN. “What we try and do is do the best game for each platform as appropriate,” Braben said in response to a question about the core mechanic of the game translating to the different platforms. “It’s very interesting, as control methods are changing, opportunities may also change.”

When asked what publisher’s input method he talking about, Braben sort of dodged the question, but kept teasing the possibility of LostWinds.

“Well who knows,” he asked. “All of these things are enabling new gameplay mechanics, some of which could be quite close to something like LostWinds.  We’re certainly doing more in the world of LostWinds anyway. The very fact that we’re doing this sequel shows it’s been successful. But also, what those opportunities are, we’ll look at,” said Braben.

LostWinds on XBLA or PSN? Count us in.

Brad BradNicholson