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Lost Planet Giveaway #3 -- 2 copies! Go!

2006-12-26 16:13:00  ยท  Papa Niero

As you may have heard, we are giving away free copies of Lost Planet on the Xbox 360 all week long. Today we're giving away another 2: Here's how you win your free copy:

1) One winner for the guy that answer this question correctly: The mech exo suits in Lost Planet have traction spikes under both mech feet to help it move in the snow. How many foot spikes *combined* do both legs have? You can only guess *once* so make it count! Good luck!

2) Winner number two: I'm thinking of a Capcom game on the Nintendo Entertainment system.  One of their older ones, actually -- it was also an arcade game and was loosely based on Greek mythology and prom night.  I don't want the name -- use BB code to embed a picture of the game in the comments below to win it.  Either NES or Arcade version is fine. Good luck!

I also have 7 free tickets to the Lost Planet launch party in San Francisco to give away. If you're in the area or know someone that would like to be there, please send an email to [email protected] You must be 18+ to attend.

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