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Lose your voice before E3 at Destructoid's party, June 1st!

2009-05-22 12:20:00  ยท  Papa Niero

Destructoid is having an E3 party and you're invited!

Come watch the spectacle of 50 midgets set on fire as we hurl gasoline-soaked Neo Geos into their mouths! Just kidding -- it's just an open bar karaoke party -- but that doesn't mean it won't be AN EPIC NIGHT OF SONG as inebriated members of the gaming community at large sing their favorite songs at one of downtown LA's most fun hoedowns! It's a little-known fact that Destructoid has -- dare I say -- the most talented karaoke singers in the game journo circle. As per Dale's request, all should practice the art of sneaking the word "b*tch" into your songs before attending.

One catch: space is limited! Please RSVP at Everyone over 21 is invited and there's no dress code, so come as unwashed as you please. I'd like to thank Hammersuit and GamersGate for helping us put this party together, and Ben, Dale, Dyson, Chad, Nick, and Justin for birthing this peculiar fetus. Hope you can make it -- it's gonna be epic! Did I mention open bar?

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