Logitech to one-up the Wii Remote?

Peripherals company Logitech looks to put more wiggle in your wiggle wands.

While interviewing UK and Ireland country manager Chris Spearing, GamesIndustry.biz learned that Logitech looks “to have at least one product out for the Wii this year.”

“Having the motion-sensing in the Sixaxis, that really works for some games. And for the Wii – you’ve seen people rush out and buy the Wii for that realism, if you’re swinging a tennis racket, you know how to do it.”

“Hopefully we’ll be at the forefront of pushing that further, combining some of the two.”

Could they possibly be working on a SIXAXIS/Wii Remote hybrid? It’s difficult to imagine any combination of the two. Even so, Logitech seems pretty sure that they can improve on the original Wii Remote.

“If you couldn’t improve on it, we wouldn’t be in business, and that’s the same for all products.”

It doesn’t seem like the Wii Remote needs much “fixing”, and as with any third-party controller, you’ll still be left wondering if you’re at some kind of disadvantage for not using the intended first-party device. Still, it will be interesting to see what Logitech is cooking up.

 [Via GamesIndustry.biz — thanks, JV]


Dale North