LocoRoco 2 is 75% complete, more biting confirmed

A few days ago leaked images of the newest Weekly Famitsu told us that both Patapon 2 and LocoRoco 2 were confirmed for the PSP in Japan. Unlike Patapon 2, LocoRoco does not even have a tentative Japanese release date. Thankfully, someone at 1Up finally decided to start reading the Famitsu this week. Among the smattering of information about the title, it has been revealed that it is already 75% complete. That figure means that I am currently 175% excited about the impending release.

The article also features a decent interview with director of the game, Tsutomo Kouno. One of the key things Kuono reveals is that LocoRoco 2 will remain consistent with the original experience:

We’re being careful to keep it from getting too complex, and in addition to that, we’re putting in lots of new features for people who played the first game to enjoy.

One of the new features that Kuono alludes to is the ability to bite more stuff than just a rope. He doesn’t detail what kind of stuff, but biting is always an excellent mechanic in a game. Also, the LocoRoco can now dive underwater, possibly while biting at the same time. What more could a person ask for on their PSP?  

UPDATE: It appears the LocoRoco 2 website is now live. Go there and marvel at the pretty pictures. It’s probably a plus if you know Japanese.

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