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Locked Steam achievement requires you to hack game's code


Invisible, Inc.

It's not to say that secrets are no fun anymore, but the internet sure can take the luster out of 'em. I mean, what would have been the point of my dog eared, note scribbled Myst notebook if I could solve the whole thing consulting on-line?

This locked Steam achievement for Invisible, Inc. (read my glowing review here) didn't take long to crack. A day or two doesn't touch the year to crack Payday's secret vault, while Rocksteady has done a great job hiding Batman Easter eggs.

Still, it's a delightful little meta nod, asking you to actually hack the game by altering code in order to get the achievement.

if not config.DEV and KLEIAchievements then
-- Yes, this achievement exists... No, I'm not giving it away for free. :)
--KLEIAchievements:achieve( "META_HACKING" )

Invisible Inc. Needs To Be Hacked For One Of Its Achievements [Siliconera]

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