Live Show: Splatterhouse continues on Backlog

After the weekend, when it’s time to fire the Backlog machine up again, I’m usually a little bit disoriented. Spending even a couple of days away from a game has a tendency to make me lose track of where I am and what I was doing and has more than once caused the premature conclusion of my play.

Not so with Splatterhouse. I’m genuinely eager to get back in and bash some more skulls in. I can’t even explain it, since the game screams mediocrity in so many respects, but the simple joy of hitting things is very appealing right now. 

Come and join me right now as we dive back in to the West Mansion to save the fair Jennifer. I’m playing Splatterhouse live right now and hanging out with the goons in our chat room. Come and join us over on Destructoid’s channel!

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