Live Show: More Devil May Cry 4 on Backlog!

[Backlog is the ongoing quest to rid Conrad Zimmerman’s collection of unfinished games. As voted on by the Destructoid community, Conrad plays each game from start to finish live on Destructoid’s channel every weeknight at 8pm Pacific]

At the end of our previous installment of Backlog last week, we successfully passed the gameplay torch from Nero to Dante in Devil May Cry 4. That means remembering how to play as Dante and forgetting all about that fantastic Devil Arm that I’ve become so enamored of using. Swapping between Dante’s styles in combat does make for some easy chains but I’m going to miss being able to reach out and choke someone.

Come join me and the chat goons as we continue to play my old games. We’ll be hacking, slashing and working blue into the night. It’s all going down right now over on Destructoid’s channel!

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