Live Show: Backlog plays more Mushroom Men: The Spore War

Last night on Backlog, we started in on Mushroom Men: The Spore War for the Nintendo Wii. We made it through a few of the game’s chapters last night but there are a lot of items that I know I missed. Some of the menus seem to suggest that I’ll be able to revisit areas later but I hope that won’t be mandatory to complete the game. The environments are kind of interesting but a bit hard to navigate and the camera controls aren’t the most friendly.

We’re soldiering on, though. I’ve come to love 3D platformers, warts and all, and this is delivering the kind of fix that I needed. You should come and join us in the chat on Destructoid’s channel as we delve deeper into the mystery surrounding Pax and the meteorites that he just can’t seem to keep from absorbing.



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