Live Show: Backlog kills off Killer 7 tonight

This is it. It’s the final push to conclude the second series of Backlog and Killer 7 right along with it. We’re near enough to the end that I’ve decided we’re going to go all the way and damn the consequences.

What will become of Harman Smith and his Killer 7? Can the Heaven Smile truly be stopped? What will happen in the depressingly glossed-over conflict between Japan and the United States? All this and more will be revealed tonight. In fact, it may be revealed already. I expect this to be a two-hour show but I’m more than willing to go longer if that’s what it takes.

So come and join us in the chat on Destructoid’s channel as I finish Killer 7. And don’t forget to go and vote for the game which will be played on Series 3 of Backlog!

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