Lionhead is not ‘working on a PC version of Fable 2’

As much as PC-owners may want to venture to Albion for a second time, it doesn’t appear as if Lionhead are immediately committed to bringing it to the platform. A developer recently told community members via the Lionhead’s official message board that the studio is not “working on a PC version of Fable II…” He then added, “If this changes we’ll make sure you know about it on our websites(s).”

The statement has a hole big enough to drive a truck through, but it does disprove Molyneux’s silly October statement that there wasn’t an “announcement either positive or negative on a PC version of Fable 2…”

News that Fable II isn’t going anywhere is a negative thing, right?

Is Fable 2 going to hit the PC? It seems likely — just not in the immediate future. The original Fable took a year to hit the platform. We’ll make sure you know on our Web site if anything gets announced.

[via IGN]

Brad BradNicholson