Lionhead concepts are from ‘old projects’ no longer in production [Update]

This weekend we showed you some concept art from two unannounced Lionhead games. Despite the art’s recent appearance on the Internet, a Lionhead spokesman has confirmed that the pieces are old news. “They are concepts for old projects dating back a few years ago,” a spokesman told CVG today. “Neither is in production now.”

It’s a bummer that Justice and Survivors are dead, but that doesn’t mean the Leading Light Conceptual Design speculation express has left the station. Climb aboard the boys and girls, because there’s another dead title on the Web site. Check out these concepts for Sony and Stormfront’s Titan. The majority of images focus on a huge robot coddling a human. Think Vin Diesel’s The Iron Giant with a violent, alien-smashing twist.

[Update: Titan is toast, too.]

[Thanks, Ali]

Brad BradNicholson