Link to the Past overworld recreated in Minecraft

I’m going to venture a guess and assume that you do not have as much time on your hands as Roman DeNu. This gamer has recreated the entire overworld of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past in Minecraft. The map, which is 512×512 with a depth of up to 104 blocks, took him just under (as in one minute; he counted) 109 hours. 

And he’s not done, either. DeNu plans to further expand by also recreating the Dark World as well as every dungeon, cave and building in the game.

Every time I think I cannot be more impressed with the ingenuity and dedication of Minecraft players, a new day dawns and brings with it some even greater accomplishment. Well played, Roman DeNu. Well played indeed.

The Legend Of Minecraft: A Link To The Past [Kotaku]

Conrad Zimmerman