Limited multiplayer for Live Silver users until end of year

I’m sure that Microsoft would like me to make some kind of analogy to Santa Claus when it comes to their extremely generous offer this month. Let’s be honest. Allowing non-paying users of the XBox Live service to play online multiplayer a selection of XBLA games is a little bit more like something Dr. Feelgood would do.

There are eight games you can play the online multiplayer of as a Silver user until the end of December. Chief among them is the recently-released Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD. I can also heartily recommend Bomberman Live (and not solely because our site mascot makes an appearance in its DLC). Other titles include the free shmup, Aegis Wing, Hardwood Hearts and Spades, Small Arms and everyone’s favorite flirting apparatus, Uno.

You will, obviously, have to purchase the full versions of the games in order to play them. This means that participants who don’t graduate from the promotion as full-blown online addicts who simply can’t resist the low-hanging fruit of Live will likely have a nearly useless game or two in their library when all is said and done. 

Devious, no? 

[Via Game|Life

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