Like lamb to the slaughter, 100,000 sign up for Conan beta

You know, if we’re ever to escape this MMO madness, you people are going to have to stop falling for every mom and pop gimmick that comes out each month. MMOs suck. End of discussion. Why do they suck? Well, it’s simple. They all boil down to the same boring rinse and repeat formula. Paint a turd gold, it’s still a turd. Why the rant? It seems as if the upcoming Conan MMO isn’t dead on arrival after all. Check out the news:

Eidos and Funcom have announced that over 100,000 gamers registered for the Conan: Hyborian Adventures Beta over the Easter period. Despite a rigorous sign-up process, which included the detailing of personal information and PC technical capabilities, 50,000 gamers registered within the first 24 hours, boding well for the game’s developers.

Grrrr. Stop it. Stop supporting crap. Demand something better for your hard-earned cash. Demand that game companies offer something fresh. By catering to their pockets, you are hurting the industry. 

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