Final Fantasy X series sales hit over 20 million: it deserves it

Final Fantasy X sales

It’s surmised that the X/X-2 remaster sold nearly seven million

Final Fantasy X sales (and that’s the series itself, including Final Fantasy X-2) have hit the 20.8 million mark since September 2021, Square Enix reports (via Gematsu).

As Gematsu points out, in October of 2013, the publisher noted that all together, the X series had hit the 14 million unit mark. To sum things up, that means that the X/X-2 HD Remaster, across the PC, PS3, PS4, Vita (!), Switch, and Xbox One platforms sold roughly 6.8 million copies in nearly nine years (the remaster collection came out in December of 2013).

It’s crazy to see the amount of love this series has gotten since release. When it came out I silently played it while a ton of people I knew skipped it, wrote it off, or played it and didn’t like it: take your pick! All of them were some sort of rebuke of Final Fantasy X in some form, and I felt like I was the crazy one for enjoying it so much.

Fast forward to 2022 and it has the respect it deserves. Many lists of “top Final Fantasy games” put it near the top, or refer to it as a classic. I guess XIII helped codify that classic status a bit, but I’ll take the affirmation that I was always right about this game all the same!

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