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Point camera, earn Gamerscore

Here we are, friends. It's time for the conclusion to Life is Strange's five-episode arc. I'm writing this prior to playing, and I have no idea what to expect. Well, that's a half-truth -- I expect to be an emotional wreck by the time this is all over.

But, we'll go out just like we started, and that's by snapping photos all along the way. Again, like all the other installments, Polarized has ten optional pictures along the way that unlock Achievements. There's a certain poetic allure to helping Max with this everyday aside while she takes on her herculean task.

In the event that you didn't clean up all the Achievements from previous chapters, the episode oneepisode two, episode three, and episode four guides will be a valuable resource to you.

Now for the formalities: Life is Strange has a chapter select feature that tells you how many photos in each section remain to be collected. However, make sure to select the option to "play this chapter in collectible mode" which will allow you to hunt without changing any choices you've already made.

Everything from here on out may contain spoilers -- especially if you haven't played the previous episodes. The screenshots that I've captured certainly give away where each Achievement can be found. I've listed them in the order in which they appear, but I highly recommend playing through once at your own speed before using a guide to clean up.

Let's go out strong. For Max.

Polarized: Finish Episode 5: Polarized

This is the only Achievement that's earned through story progression. All you have to do is finish the episode.

Incandescent: Take optional photo #1 in Episode 5: Polarized

Once you're back in the classroom, go talk to Kate Marsh once you have control of Max again. Comfort her. Afterward, take a photo of her.

Night Vision: Take optional photo #2 in Episode 5: Polarized

Max will eventually find herself in an art gallery. From the point where you gain control of her, walk forward and to the right until you can go down some stairs. There's a woman staring at some photos and there's a camera behind her. Feel free to borrow it to take a picture of her from behind.

Framed: Take optional photo #3 in Episode 5: Polarized

We're back in a familiar place. Rewind time after Mr. Jefferson attacks an investigator. Ask Jefferson for a final photo to unlock this Achievement.

Camera Obscura: Take optional photo #4 in Episode 5: Polarized

Max has to think quick to keep the Two Whales Diner from a'sploding. After that's done, turn around and take a picture of the very dead whale next to the restaurant.

Blowup: Take optional photo #5 in Episode 5: Polarized

This photo is immediately after the previous one. Turn around from the whale and check out the car on top of the roof. You have to find the right angle for this prompt to appear. Try working your way around the left of it.

Iris: Take optional photo #6 in Episode 5: Polarized

We're right back at the etching in the classroom that started it all in episode one. Look at it once and watch it change. Look at it again. Third time's a charm and that's when you'll be able to take a photo of it.

Sensor: Take optional photo #7 in Episode 5: Polarized

Everything's getting mega trippy. You'll find yourself in a hallway maze. After briefly becoming Victoria, you'll transform back into Max. When this happens, take a right toward the showers and snap a picture of the giant squirrels. That's right -- giant squirrels.

On Display: Take optional photo #8 in Episode 5: Polarized

This might be the weirdest optional photo in the entire game because you don't actually hit the photo prompt. When in the backward hallway (you'll know what I mean), don't go into the bathroom. Instead, walk past it and up to this skeleton in the corner. The "Journal" button will appear, so hit that. That's what unlocks this Achievement.

Light Meter: Take optional photo #9 in Episode 5: Polarized

This one is very easy to miss. It can be found in the dreamworld flashlight section. It's during the locker area. Sneak past everyone and go to the part where Samuel's searching for you. Head down his row of lockers and take a right. Somewhere over there is Warren's locker -- his incredibly creepy locker. Snap an unsettling picture.

Silhouettes: Take optional photo #10 in Episode 5: Polarized

Time for the last one...bottles?! "This might be hell," as Max so eloquently puts it. So, go around the junkyard section of the flashlight dreamstate and collect bottles. There are five in total and they aren't too tough to find. After grabbing all of those, you need to take a picture of them all lined up on the workbench. The workbench is at the opposite end of this area, so just work your way through it. It kind of sucks.

Selfie Awareness: Take all optional photos in Episode 5: Polarized

The penultimate Achievement will unlock as soon as you nab your last optional picture. All that's left to do for full Gamerscore is to wrap up the episode!

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