Level 5’s next game is called Time Traveler

The latest issue of Famitsu has an interview with Akihiro Hino, producer of the Professor Layton series where he has announced the name of the latest project from Level 5. It will be called Time Traveler and is being developed for hardware not currently available.

Could that be 3DS? Probably a fair bet, but Hino wasn’t giving up the goods. He is teaming up with Jino Ishi, director of a highly acclaimed Wii visual novel, 428. That might give a small clue as to what genre Time Traveler could fall into. Or it might not. The pair simply wouldn’t say.

There is one intriguing quote from Ishi that has my antennae up, though. The man claims to, “have an idea about time travel that has never been done before, even in movies or books.” That, my friends, is a bold statement. I’d love to know what the man has in mind.

Level 5 Announces Their New Game in Famitsu [1Up]

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