Level-5 showing some DS love with Studio Ghibli

Studio Ghibli is a funny name, but what’s not funny is the fact that it is working with Level-5 to create a brand new DS game called Ninokuni, roughly translated as The Another World. Actually, that might be funny as well, but we can’t confirm that right now.

What we can confirm is that this is to be Level-5’s tenth anniversary product and it’s due out next year in HWAPAN! Here are even more details, as found in Famitsu:

  • Studio Ghibli is responsible for all the animation.
  • The game comes packed with a “Magic Master” book which is something the in-game main character also possesses. It contains information on magic crests and spell recipes and you’ll need to refer to the book at various points during the game.
  • The title will also come to home consoles, but the platform is not decided.
  • Level-5 wants the handheld and console versions to offer something different so that those who own the DS version might have something of interest. The packaged book, however, would remain the same.

Scant but tantalizing details, I trust you’d agree. The inclusion of a book is a very simple idea, but one I must admit I really like. Flicking through a book as part of the game itself might seem tedious to some, but I really like it. If the book is well-made enough, it could add a subtle ARG-feel to the affair.

Approval gained!

James Stephanie Sterling