Letters to the editor: Why should I keep reading Destructoid?


We're that site

[This just came to our support email line. I thought I'd share, just in case anyone else feels this way.]


"Been browsing Dtoid for years but these ads, man. They're out of control. At the top, the bottom, the sides, ads disguised as newsarticles, and the Cardinal sin, autoplay video ads with audio enabled. That's where I draw the line. I don't know how bad you guys must be hurting for cash that you resort to this stuff, but it's not worth it to visit your site anymore. There are plenty of other sites with comparable or better news coverage with far fewer ads, and with stuff like Max and Dale leaving, why would I keep visiting this site? It's painful to try to wade through this ocean of advertisements, and I'm not going to do it anymore. You're officially "that site" now, the obnoxious one, the one with more ads than news. I'm out. -Bro Fist (real name withheld)"

If you ever get a letter like this, no matter what business you're in, the first thing you need to remember is that this person did you a favor. They cared enough to tell you what's wrong with your business from an outsider's point of view. I really appreciated it and responded:

Mr. Fist,

Thanks for the feedback on the ads. We don't allow autoplaying video ads, and our sponsored articles should be clearly labelled as such. Please send a little more info on both those things so I can forward them on to our third party ad companies to fix. I don't like that stuff much either, but it keeps the lights on.

As for better and comparable news sites, we read and love them too. They've always been there even before we started, like 1UP, which we loved but folded, and IGN's had six different owners. Of course, with last month's folding of the awesome Joystiq, Giant Bomb being sold to GameSpot/CBS, Escapist got sold, and so on. We do offer a completely ad free option for under the cost of a cheeseburger, but with so much free quality content on the Internet (I love Reddit as much as the next guy) we understand it's also a tall order and the economics of being a web publisher are not your fault. You're totally right. But to be honest, so few people signed up that I couldn't even raise enough money to suppress some ads or to hire a professional web design firm, so I'm personally trying to figure out fancier HTML5 on my own. I've done everything but ask for handouts on Kickstarter or succumb to a Venture Capital company to solve my problems. Hell, install adblock and keep reading us if the ads bother you that much. It's all good, you have my personal blessing. Gaming sites are all already reporting a 50% or more ad-block rate I don't exactly have a great amount of resources left to build you a better Destructoid -- at least not overnight.  

But yes, we are "that site."

We're that site that's been here with the same owners for eight years. We're that site that made some random weirdo named Jonathan Holmes from our community the now Editor In Chief (one of us! one of us!), and the last three EICs were also community readers first, just like you. We're that site that despite being tiny and independent beat the whole world to the first look at the PS4 controller. We're that site that discovered the likes of Dale and Max and Anthony Burch and Jim Sterling, and we'll discover more amazing people in the future -- but we're proud of the work Chris and Steven and Jordan and Brett and all the other 99 great people we still have helping part time that do it for the love of it, regardless how broke we are. We're that site whose founder chased Jack Thompson around a courtroom with a camera and that guy is replying to your email personally within one hour. We're that site with the robot I once made out of air conditioner parts to sneak into E3 and you should care because we'll always be that site, weird and a little crappy on the surface, but legit-as-fuck on the inside.

There's good people with a lot of personality you won't find on those other more formal gaming news sites. Don't give up on them yet. I haven't.

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