Vi vs Jinx
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Let’s take a closer look at Arcane Season 2’s trailer

The showdown between Jinx and Vi looms near.

The League Of Legends YouTube channel has recently released the first teaser trailer for the hit Arcane Netflix TV series. While some of season 2’s new additions are pretty clear, some are of the blink-and-you’ll-miss-it sort. Let’s look at every cool element we were able to spot ahead of the season’s release.

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What’s new in Arcane season 2

Set in the world of Riot’s MOBA League of Legends, Arcane Season 1 told the story of two sisters, Vi and Powder, who see their relationship get torn apart by the conflict between Piltover and Zaun.

As you likely know by now, season one finished in a literally explosive cliffhanger after Jinx finally uses her ult super mega death rocket on the Piltover council, a building filled with very important characters. That event will likely serve as the catalyst for everything taking place in Arcane season 2. While we don’t know the exact result of the attack, there are lines in the new trailer claiming that the council is dead, and that Piltover will respond with wrath. So, we at least know that the big ending we got wasn’t a mere fake-out intended to raise hype for season 2.

Piltover Wrath
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The first important change, which probably comes as a response to the attack, is that Vi will put her outlaw days behind her to join Caitlyn’s Piltover police department. This piece of news disappointed the fans who only know of LoL via the show, but that’s not a surprise to fans of the game, where Vi has always been an enforcer.

Two other interesting additions come from Zaun, the faction at war with Piltover. They are Warwick and Singed, who’d been teased in season 2’s first look:

We get a rather clear glimpse of Singed, but, again, we don’t see much of Warwick in this teaser. Still, I’m betting this can only be one character:

Warwick in Arcane
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Most important of all, however, is the reveal that Season 2 will actually be the final season. The show is likely to culminate with the final showdown between Vi, now with her famous gauntlets, and the former Powder, who Vi finally acknowledges as Jinx.

Vi vs Jinx
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On top of Vi’s Hextech gauntlets, we also get to see Caitlyn making use of her Hextech rifle to charge up and fire her ultimate.

Cait charging up her ult.
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If you’re familiar with the game, you’ll know that one particularity of Cait’s ultimate is that even though it locks on to an enemy target, its projectile can be blocked by another member of the enemy team who gets in the way. Will we see Vi bravely blocking the projectile meant to kill her sister? We’ll see.

Though cool Hextech gadgets seem to be a big focus of season 2, Viktor and Jayce, two of the biggest masters of Hextech in the game remain to be seen. No way such important characters would’ve just perished in the previous series finale, right? That’d be really strange especially when considering that game Viktor’s whole thing is coming back as a cyborg.

And on top of all the cool things that fans of the game can already identify, there are also a bunch of shots that are just as mysterious as they’re beautiful:

Statue in arcane season 2
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And if you feel sad for learning that season 2 will mark the end of Arcane, I’m happy to tell you that you need not fret too much. Series co-creator Christian Linke has already assured fans that Arcane is and has always been the mere starting point for many stories to be told by Riot Games and Fortiche‘s partnership in the future. If the final season of Arcane manages to live up to the very high standard put up by the first season, there’s no doubt that the future of Riot Games’ future in animation looks very bright.

Season 2 of Arcane will hit Netflix on November 24.

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