Let’s Kinect arcade game uses Microsoft’s Kinect sensor

No space in your living room for Kinect? Here’s an idea — go to your local arcade!

The Let’s Kinect arcade game made its debut at the IAPPA trade show last week, and it’s just what a sounds like — an arcade game that utilizes Microsoft’s Kinect sensor. It’s actually a lot olike Nintendo’s Play Choice 10 arcade cabinets in that it plays retail titles that are operated on a timer.

It should be pointed out that this isn’t Microsoft getting in the arcade business; it’s not an official Microsoft product. Still, the cabinet manufacturer, Quasimodo Interactive, requires a license to play its games publicly.

In an arcade setting, I’d imagine that it’s not the eight feet of space required for Kinect that you need to worry about. What about all of those flashing lights or sometimes the lack of light? I know that I can’t really play Kinect with my blinds open in the middle of the day; any direct light on the sensor throws it for a loop. I’d be curious to see how this works in a real world setting… if I had an arcade within 50 miles of my house, of course.

IAPPPA 2010: Microsoft Kinect integrated into legal arcade cabinet by Quasimoto Iteractive [Arcade Heroes]

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