LET ME SHOW YOU MY POKEMONS card covered 2003 Dodge Neon SXT

Have $7,000 laying around? THEN DO I HAVE A DEAL FOR YOU!

Yes, this is a real eBay auction. Yes, there is really 1500 cards covering the car. Yes, the guys that worked on the car were probably drunk off of their asses and have way to much time on their hands. No, it’s not worth the $7,000 they’re asking for.

Its good use for the cards, but if I was walking by it and saw a Charizard card, I’d have to jack it (I CAN BLOW UP HELICOPTERS WITH A CHARIZARD CARD)! This reminds me of my childhood actually. Every one of my friends were buying up the cards left and right when they originally came out. I wisely stayed out of it and had a great laugh when everyone was stuck with hundreds of cards because the Pokemon card fad was over. 

Also, Snorlax ownz


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