Leon crushes Famitsu’s ‘Favorite Resident Evil character’ poll, and it’s not close

Jill takes the number two spot

If you asked someone who their favorite Resident Evil character was, odds are it’ll probably be a primary protagonist. Jill, Leon, and Chris would all be on the scoreboard, and I expect Claire to make the top 10. Beyond that, it’s basically anyone’s guess. Well, guess no more! There’s a recent poll with a rather large sample size to draw from if you’re curious how everyone stacks up in 2023.

As shared by ResetEra, Famitsu held a “favorite Resident Evil character” poll in honor of the RE 4 remake, and things are looking real good for that cast. Leon took the top spot as the number one most-liked character in the Resident Evil franchise, and it’s not even close. Leon has a nearly 1000 point lead over the second most popular character: Jill. That’s followed by Chris, Ada, Claire, Wesker, Ethan, Rebecca, Piers, and Hunk. Wow, I’m glad Hunk made it in!

There’s a few takeaways from this: people still love Leon, the star of two of the most beloved Resident Evil games, both of which have modern era remakes. Chris and his rock-punching strength were clearly going to be in the top five somewhere, and Ada’s effortlessly cool persona is going to make some waves. Claire similarly is riding high, and has multiple games to draw fans from.

The big surprise for me is seeing the polarizing Ethan on this list at a respectable seventh place, but Wesker, quite honestly, could be anywhere. After his appearance in the first game he’s been an anime-like shadowy figure in the thorn of many protagonist’s sides, much to the chagrin of a lot of the playerbase. Seeing Piers on the list is surprising too: I don’t think a US-centric poll would have him so high.

Either way, Leon is king, and that hasn’t changed.

Famitsu 2023 favorite Resident Evil character poll results:

#1: Leon S. Kennedy (2637 pts)
#2: Jill Valentine (1675 pts)
#3: Chris Redfield (1530 pts)

#4: Ada Wong (1019 pts)
#5: Claire Redfield (858 pts)
#6: Albert Wesker (731 pts)
#7: Ethan Winters (721 pts)
#8: Rebecca Chambers (377)
#9: Piers Nivans (355 pts)
#10: HUNK (330 pts)

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