LEGO Universe: Exclusive first pics?

If the Internet isn’t the melting pot of lies that some would have you believe, then the guys over at have something new to show us in the form of an exclusive screen shot of the game in action, as well as what appears to be some conceptual art of the upcoming MMO from the house that Ronald LEGO built. I’ll let the guys over at iBrick describe it to you, since they did such a good job:

The LEGO Group is working on a group of initiatives, which in the coming years will offer young and older LEGO fans all over the world new ways of play and experiences with the LEGO brand. The famous brick and the mini-figure will come to live in the virtual world.

The new LEGO Universe will combine gaming, building and the opportunity for social networking on the very same web page.

The whole development process is happening in tight synergy with the dedicated LEGO fans. The fans try out the ideas the professional game developers are creating.

According to the plans, the LEGO Universe will be to experience on-line for a larger group approx mid 2008.

Ultimately the LEGO Group want to offer the unique experience to play with the LEGO brick both virtually and physically together with your friends from all over the world, and you can even change from the physically to the virtual play as you like You are in control.  

I’m the last person who would consider spending a monthly fee on an MMO, but the concept art certainly has at least piqued my interest in shelling out a few bucks when this game comes to fruition.

With LEGO Star Wars already a hit, LEGO Batman on the horizon, and now this, it’s looking more and more like it is a good time to be a LEGO fan. That is, if you are not against playing what some might consider amounts to a children’s game.

You can find the official press release here.