LEGO my Halo

 I swear, the blogosphere (buzzword, -5 street cred) would not survive without LEGOs. When they aren’t being used to make awesome video games out of popular licenses, they’re being used to create mostly awesome replicas of popular licenses.

(Un)Like so many before them, Legohaulic‘s Warthog and Spectre (courtesy of Halo 2) replicas look like total badasses; although, that may be due to the dramatic lighting and photography. Or maybe I like these so much because I was never really good at LEGOs. I can follow instructions well enough, but I could never figure out how to make a curve.

In any case, check out the gallery — seems like the Spectre opens up, all hydraulic-like. And the Warthog … doesn’t have any special tricks. It just sits there and looks pretty, as most Warthogs are proned to do.

[Via the Brothers Brick, thanks, Daniel!] 

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