Left 4 Dead video blowout

So I heard you like zombies. GameTrailers must have heard too, as they’ve just put up five new gameplay trailers for Valve’s upcoming survival horror cooperative shooter Left 4 Dead (all viewable after the jump).

Project Lead Mike Booth talks about some of the features we can expect to see when Left 4 Dead ships on November 4 in the above video interview.

The importance of players working together for success is heavily stressed. As Booth points out, if everyone on the team doesn’t cooperate then everyone is probably going to end up dead at the hands of bloodthirsty zombies. He also mentions that not only will the game’s AI director be able to place these undead enemies dynamically, but also change the music and color correction — contrasting, desaturizing and highlighting — to emphasize certain things or create a sense of claustrophobia, depending on your location and condition. Plus, they’ll be unique for each player. Neat!

Booth also mentions a common defense that all survivors will have to keep the undead hoards at bay — pushing! A simple right-click on the mouse will cause your character to shove away whatever monstrosity is currently invading your personal space, creating a great opportunity to fill it full of lead.

Valve is planning to continue support of the game well after release, much like it has done for past titles. Booth promises that plenty of new content will be introduced, and though he doesn’t go into specifics I’m sure we can expect more maps, enemy types, and the like. Are you looking forward to mowing down zombies this fall?

[Thanks, Adam!]

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