Left 4 Dead trailer: Source Engine zombie goodness

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Industry fad or not, I can’t seem get enough of games with zombies in them. From Dead Rising to the Nintendo Entertainment System’s (not so) classic Zombie Nation, whether I get to control a zombie or I just hack the limbs off of one, I’m a happy man. 

That’s why the Valve published Left 4 Dead is the new reason I get out of bed in the morning. Developed by Turtle Rock Studios (the team behind Counter-Strike: Condition Zero), Left 4 Dead is a multi-player cooperative zombie slaughtering experience that will be making its way to the PC (via Steam) and the Xbox 360.

Let me repeat — cooperative zombie slaughtering action on the PC and Xbox 360. Let it sink in for a moment. I’ll wait … Yeah, I know, right!? 

There will also be a single player element to the game and considering Turtle Rock Studios were reponsible for the clever Counter-Strike bot AI, it’s a safe bet to say we’re in 28 Days Later territory here.

Can’t wait? Me neither. I’ll be over at the official site hitting reload over and over again until something appears.

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