LeBron, Rick and Morty coming to MultiVersus

MultiVersus LeBron Rick Morty

The NBA star can soon dunk on Bugs Bunny

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Warner Bros. platform fighter MultiVersus is adding some more combatants to its roster. LeBron is set to join the MultiVersus lineup on July 26, while animated duo Rick and Morty arrive as part of Season One.

MultiVersus is currently in a closed alpha, but the game goes into open beta next week on July 26. LeBron’s debut will coincide with the open beta, bringing passes, dunks, and three-pointers to the melee.

It’s worth noting that this is LeBron as he appeared in Space Jam: A New Legacy. Which, granted, he appeared as himself in that movie. But that means he’ll be donning the Toon Squad jersey and doing some basketball moves beyond conventional, human bounds. It seems like the main mechanic involves passing the ball around and going for big dunks.

Voicing LeBron is John Bentley, who also lent his vocal talents to Barrett Wallace in 2020’s Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Rick and Morty, meanwhile, will be waiting a little longer for their debut. The pair will be arriving in MultiVersus sometime in its first season.

A massive crossover

MultiVersus is Warner Bros. and Player First Games’ take on the Smash Bros. concept. It boasts crossovers from across a bunch of Warner Bros. properties, ranging from Shaggy and Velma to Harley Quinn, Bugs Bunny, the Iron Giant, and soon, LeBron James.

Is this an absolutely bonkers character idea? Of course. But I really dig it. Part of the appeal in these crossover platform fighters is seeing a bunch of recognizable faces duke it out, and while LeBron’s made game cameo appearances before, just the possibility of dunking on Batman as LeBron seems reason enough to try Multiversus out.

MultiVersus goes into open beta on July 26, though you can also get in now with early access via Twitch drops or purchasing a Founder’s Pack.

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