Learning title, Cosmic Family, coming to the Wii; remote tossing infants inbound

In a move that will no doubt provide haters and fanboys with ammunition in their “Nintendo is teh kiddie” war, Ubisoft has announced an early learning adventure title for the Wii.

Cosmic Family (which will hit shelves in mid-2007, likely months prior to Metroid: Corruption, Super Mario Galaxy, or anything else Dtoid readers care about) will be designed to enhance a child’s memory, hand-eye coordination, creativity, and imagination. So in other words, it’s going to be a video game.

From Next Generation:

Described as “more like an interactive adventure than a traditional videogame,” Cosmic Family features a family living on a five-floor rocket ship. The game incorporates 15 early-learning minigames that let young players “create and color whimsical images, customize rooms, brush a monster’s teeth, play dress-up with various characters, nurture plants from seeds and more” using simple point-and-click controls.

Did they say “brush a monster’s teeth”? I smell a midnight release brewing.

Nick Chester