Learn Japanese with dinosaurs and flash

In case you didn’t know, Tokyo Game Show is rapidly approaching. Nick, Dale, and Jim all have the wonderful pleasure of attending this year and they’re currently preparing for the rather long voyage to the magical world of Japan. While playing games in a foreign country sounds wicked awesome, getting around town and obtaining what you need can be a hassle. Why? Here’s a hint: English is not the first language in Japan.

Thankfully, the guys at Siliconera are here to help the boys out. They’ve recently created a pretty hip flash game designed to help people brush up on their “katakana,” which is explained by Spencer at Siliconera as the “symbols used for foreign words and often videogame titles.” The best part of the experience isn’t the learning for me — it’s watching dinosaurs drown as my fingers tap on the keys frantically.

I can totally see how this could help everyone on their way over to TGS, although I’m not getting the vibe that I could order a cheeseburger in Japan after playing. Regardless, I’d imagine we all wish Nick, Dale, and Jim a very happy and safe trip to TGS. Look for our coverage of TGS this October 9-12th!

Brad BradNicholson