Learn about UPlay from soothing female voice

Recently Ubisoft announced and released its UPlay service to the gaming masses, and the gaming masses looked on and didn’t care all that much. The service is yet another way to organize your games and get achievements, and seems pretty cool for those on the PC, but utterly irrelevant to those who play Ubisoft games on the 360 or PS3. The only purpose to picking it up is getting the free DLC unlocks by earning points through Achievements “Accomplishments.”

This fact is even further backed up by the video above, which shows that UPlay looks exactly like the 360’s dashboard. I’m sure those of us who have already used the beta service noticed this before, but cramming all the ways they ripped off Microsoft’s design into one video really drives the point home. It is interesting to see a Rabbid in the video, however. The Rabbids have appeared on consoles outside of the Wii, but that is their main home. Could UPlay appear on the Wii as well, and if so would that mean a third party will do more on the Wii with internet than Nintendo will ever do?

Matthew Razak