‘Leaked’ Joe Danger video makes it a quick ‘do want’

I’ve had my eye on Joe Danger since it was announced. Admittedly, it was because the games developer, Hello Games — a small, indie start-up made up of industry veterans — had sheepishly approached me to say “Hey, look at our game? Maybe? If you’d like.”

And I looked, and I was interested based on what I had seen in screens and read in print. But this video, “leaked” out of the recent Eurogamer Expo, has me completely convinced — Joe Danger is now one of my “most wanted” games for (presumably) 2010. 

It’s looks like an interesting mix of Motocross Maniac‘s side-scrolling moto-racing, with Uniracer‘s tricks, and… LittleBigPlanet? As far as I’m concerned, these are all good things.

Hello Games still hasn’t confirmed which console the game will be available for, but that’s definitely an Xbox 360 controller diagram I see in the video, so draw your own conclusions.

Nick Chester