LBP is a ‘going forward’ franchise for Sony, PSP version a possibility

Rumors of LittleBigPlanet making its way to the PlayStation Portable are not new, but seem to have some pretty solid footing. John Koller, head of hardware marketing for Sony, recently told MTV Multiplayer that a portable version of LBP is certainly possible and neglected to rule out the rumor.

From the interview:

LittleBigPlanet is so expansionary. I think the developer’s really concentrating on right now making sure that the launched product is everything it could be and can be. We’re watching the UGC [user generated content] and seeing how that’s playing out. But for the future, I think certainly, we’d look at a wide variety of opportunities. Whether that’s the PSP or not, I can’t really say. We certainly look at LittleBigPlanet franchise as a going forward franchise for us, and that speaks to the PlayStation brand overall.

While I wish Koller had exclaimed that LBP for the PSP is happening, we can at least glean that Sony is certainly open to the idea of bring LBP to another platform. Terms like “expansionary” and “forward franchise” certainly indicates that something is being planned. Interestingly, Koller mentions that Media Molecule is busy at the moment, which seems consistent with the rumor that another developer is handling the PSP version.

This is obviously a wait and watch rumor, but I would really like this to happen. My PSP has been collecting dust since B-boy.

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