Layoffs at GameSpot as CBS Interactive shifts content

According to, CBS Interactive is laying off staff from various sites, including GameSpot, as they move their new sites around following their acquisition of CNet.

They say that GameSpot has been incorporated in a single group that also covers sites like and 

“CBS Interactive continues its integration process, which now calls for the further combination of several portions of the division into unified groups oriented around similar content,” said CBS in a statement.

“This important move allows us to better align our premium content for our audiences and our advertisers, and also results in reduction in certain areas that are now duplicated in the new organization structure.”

CBSInteractive isn’t saying how many were cut from this shift. They told GI that:  “We’re not sharing specific numbers for GameSpot or CBS Interactive overall.”

Unfortunately, ’tis the season for layoffs in the gaming world.

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