Laying low for a while

So this will be my last posting for quite a bit. Due to some personnel concerns, I need to be more cautious from revealing too much behind-the-scenes stuff at this stage. I have to admit, one of the main issues is that someone has been pretty proactive in trying to expose who is working on the project. The last thing I want is to get my guys in hot water, because a few still have full-time gigs.

While unfortunate, it’s probably better that we lay low for awhile anyways. We are now in the deep mix of trying to build the game, so our hands are full. We’ll just shut up, and stay focused on bringing something playable to market first, which provides a much better forum for discussion on the game. We’ve been having a good time with it so far, so I hope that it’s reflected in the game when it’s done.

I will say that you guys have been helpful so far with a few things, like indicating the artwork wasn’t quite working (which we are tweaking), and that you prefer a top-down viewpoint (which we changed to). I was kind of hoping to get more feedback on a few more things, like whether we should use a real-time combat system or keep it turn-based, or how many party members should be on your team optimally, and some quest ideas.

I’m sure one day I’ll go into some of the risks of blogging a bit too early (IP ownership rights, parody laws, and employment contracts, which all sound rather legalish), because it’s rather fascinating and not something I would have expected to be an issue. But for now, I’ll just put my nose back to the grindstone, and build something.

I should point out that I’m not blaming anyone here at Dtoid for the exposé shenanigans, mainly ’cause I created the situation to begin with. I did post up a few things on other sites as a way to test different audience reactions, so who knows where the leak is coming from. It did seem like the person digging around is less intent on being malicious than being a journalist trying to get dirt on a story. In any case, if anyone did get their hands on the demo, or some names, I would appreciate if you can keep it under wraps until we finish something playable. Who knows if this request will even work, but I thought I’d at least try!

Dr. Boa