Latest Overlord trailer brings steamrollers from Hell

Your humble reporter has uploaded this brand new trailer for the excellent looking Codemasters title, Overlord. This new video features the gremlin-like minions dancing merry jigs, jumping into molten liquid, and getting crushed to death by an infernal steamroller. Throw in some trolls, a bloodstained unicorn, and a sultry medieval tart and you’ve got yourselves a game that should rock one’s proverbial socks, with a little luck.
While perhaps not the most graphically accomplished 360 title, the art style, unique gameplay and sense of dark humor should more than make up for the fact this doesn’t look like Gears of War. This is definitely blinking most brightly on my radar, bringing with it the hope of fantasy villainy not enjoyed since the days of Dungeon Keeper. Here’s hoping Overlord drinks its mead from a goblet fashioned of purest win.
[Via Shacknews
James Stephanie Sterling