Latest Just Cause 2 diary talks environment, antics

Just Cause 2

’s environment, a colorful island named Panau, is being called a “playground” by Avalanche Studios. As explained in the latest developer diary, the island is rich with opportunities — players can hijack cars, boats and helicopters in order to execute missions in Panau’s city, jungle, desert, and beach areas. Just Cause 2 is essentially an open-world-ass, open-world action game.

But it’s not the max. There’s a realistic grounding here. Rico may have a bananas grappling hook, but doesn’t possess the tentacle-laden, wall-running powers of Mercer in Prototype or a magical hammer that can smash an entire planet like the one included in Red Faction: Guerrilla. Still, Just Cause 2 has its charms — we don’t often take down shadow organizations in open-world action titles.

Oh right. Well, hey, grappling hook — that thing is wicked.

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