Last Remnant Xbox 360 bundle comes to Japan

Japan gets all the best bundles. The PSP and DS ones are usually sexy enough to make me want to buy the system again. This new Xbox 360 bundle for Square Enix’s release of The Last Remnant is no slouch, either. Of course, you don’t get the fancy pants exclusive system like you do with the Japanese portable bundles, but you do get a nice face plate.

Here’s the goods list in this bundle:

  • The Game
  • Last Remnant original face plate
  • Last Remnant soundtrack CD
  • Xbox 360
  • Xbox 360 hard disk (60GB)
  • wireless controller
  • media remote control
  • HD AV cable
  • LAN cable, AC adaptor

This will sell for 34,800 yen ($331) on the November 20 release date. This is going to be a nice boost for Microsoft Japan, who seems to be on a roll lately. Those on-the-fence Japanese RPG fans will definitely be tempted by this.

I don’t need another Xbox 360 (yet – POS system!), but I do need The Last Remnant. How about you? Be sure to check out the Japanese page, as there are a few new screens there.

[Via Kotaku]

Dale North