Kotaku’s Florian = that annoying ganker

Kotaku’s loveable and squeezable Florian “Flow-bee” Eckhardt has come out of his rat hole and admitted that he is indeed one of those annoying Rogue gankers that plague the experience of many World of Warcraft players. Here’s how he and his evil cohorts do their doing:

I have a very small guild comprised entirely of undead rogue engineer dickheads. Our main tactic of choice is the gnomish death ray: usually two or three of us will sap you and fire the death rays off in unison. Even better, sometimes we’ll sneak up behind you and, while you’re busy fighting, happily fire three deaths rays into your back, then vanish, leaving you absolutely mystified as to what has occurred.

Florian, I only have this to say on behalf of the good, honest folk who populate WoW: DIE!

Robert Summa