Kooky Japanese marketing strikes again via Square Enix

Japan is the mother of the whore we call merchandising, and Square Enix its squalling child. You want a Buster Sword? King Slime ashtrays? Neon FF7 logo sign for your bar? All these items and more can be ordered, should you be driven to scour the intertubes exhaustively enough. What you see above is actually a Chocobo seat cushion, which amuses me, but having people’s asses on birdfaces still seems a bit odd (in America).

Let me stress my envy over the idea of even having the ability to choose between a Rocket Slime soap dispenser, toothbrush, votive holder or toaster with built in bagel buffer. Would I buy it all? Likely, no. But would I google over all of it, take pictures, and post them all here for your perusing pleasure? You bet I would. 

 [Via GameLife (thanks Faith!)]

Colette Bennett