Konami to release groundbreaking DS game, Dream Skincare

Gamers have the first-person shooter, the action-adventure, the 2D platformer, the 3D platformer … but are they ready for the beauty navigation genre?

Konami, best known for creating Metal Gear Solid 4 exclusively for the PlayStation 3, will be be releasing Dream Skincare for the Nintendo DS this October in Japan. The game is the first of its kind, taking advantage of the unique capabilities of the DS: touch screen capabilities, dual screens, and wooing Japanese women.

The game offers advice on a daily skin regimen, depending on information provided by the “player.” Things like skin tone, skin smoothness, and hours of sleep will indicate whether or not the software will tell players to drink more water or eat certain foods. The game also features video clips of Chizu Saeki, a 45-year old Japanese beauty expert, giving facial massage advice.

There’s no word on whether Konami will be bringing this title to other regions, but when I asked my wife whether or not she’d be interested in such a game she replied: “I can’t think of enough ways to say ‘no.'”

[Source: Yahoo! News]

Nick Chester